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Freedom Programme, Own My Life and Trauma and Wellbeing Services


Freedom & Own My Life

Possitive Relationship Support Programmes

We deliver The  Freedom programme (11 week rolling programme) and  Own My Life ( a 12 week structured intervention) which both educate women on positive relationships and moving on after abusive and controlling relationships. We accept referrals from professionals for female clients who live in Bedford Borough and the surrounding villages. These women can still be in the relationship, recently left or the abuse can be historic. The abuse can be from an intimate partner or wider family member.

Women are given a one to one assessment to decide the best pathway for them and supported to engage with the programmes and other local support organisations who can aid them on their journey from abuse. We have 3 trained group facilitators working within the centre working alongside carefully chosen volunteers some with lived experiences.

If you would like to talk to one of our Freedom or Own My Life facilitators in complete confidence, please call us on 01234 316801 or email There is no charge for attending.

Feedback from women who have attended the programmes:

Warning Signsbecause of attending the programme, I am emotionally stronger and I can recognise the possible signs of a Dominator. This programme has empowered me as an individual and it is only my 4th session!

Freedom has given me the confidence to challenge my partners’ behaviour before it escalates in to something serious. It has helped me to approach some issues more rationally rather than just shout at each other.

I love coming to the Freedom programme. When I cannot attend it is annoying but when I come it makes me feel good after like I have achieved something.

Freedom programme, Wow! What can I say? What an enlightening and empowering experience. I thought that I had never been challenged by DV before attending. I have come away feeling empowered and aware with open eyes and an open mind. Thank you.

Healing Trauma

This internationally recognised programme helps women to recognise the effects of trauma and gives coping strategies to help them as the first step to moving on.

Women say ‘I now do more selfcare and feel more on my way to healing’ ‘I feel more able to cope’

It is delivered in the centre by our Mental health coordinator who is a trained trauma therapist and Mental Health professional.

 Mindfulness & Wellbeing

We work with a fantastic wellbeing coach and counsellor to deliver sessions to help with grounding techniques, positivity and motivation.

Women say ‘Mindfulness helped me relax and unwind’ ‘it helped me cope with my mental health.’

Referrals and Information for Professionals.

We accept referrals from professionals for female clients who live in Bedford Borough. We also deliver regular half day training for professionals so you can learn about the content of the Freedom Programme and our other support services and referral process. If you would like more information, please contact us on 01234 316801 or email

Feedback from Professionals:

‘One of the best training sessions I have ever attended with some shocking revelations about the extent of Domestic Abuse’ – Tutor, Central Bedfordshire Council
‘This is a powerful and effective way to raise awareness and provide support.’ Social Worker, Family Intervention Service, Bedford Borough Council.
‘This session has been very beneficial and will enable Bedfordshire Police to improve the services we provide’ – Detective Inspector, Personal Protection Unit, Bedfordshire Police.