Monday Craft Workshop (ON HOLD)

We deliver a weekly workshop “The Crafty Ladies” on a Monday morning in term time from 09.30am -11.30am. The workshop has an adjoining crèche for children under 5 who are looked after by our qualified Childcare team.

The workshop provides ‘time out’ for some busy mums, a social network for women whose children may be grown up or at school, new skills for women who want to improve their confidence and self esteem as well as a relaxed environment for women to discover new friendships and participate in social activities.

Each term, the group members and group leader will discuss ideas and suggestions for the next terms activities. Our group leader will be there to facilitate the workshops and help you with your project.

The workshops are held in a relaxed and informal room with a kitchenette where you can make tea or coffee. The activities are optional so if you would just like to turn up for a drink, then that’s absolutely fine.

We do ask for a donation of £1 to attend the workshops although we understand that this may not always be possible so if you cannot make a donation, you are still more than welcome to attend.

Some of our recent projects:

Making rag dolls.
Planting potatoes.
Decopaging boxes.
Group wall hanging for Poppy day.
Cooking meals on a budget.
Making healthy lunch box ideas.
Jewellery making.
Crochet bags.